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​Banquet inquiry
Agree to Terms of Use for Collection of Personal Information
1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Hotel Crescendo Seoul Personal Information
 Name: Necessary for online reservation and confirmation procedures
Mobile phone number, phone number: Securing a smooth communication path such as reservation confirmation, confirmation of the person's intention, handling of complaints, hotel news and new products,
Information on event  information
E-mail address: Information for confirmation of reservation, hotel news, new products, event information, etc., or information for sending various notices
Provision of other smooth quality services, etc.

2. Items of personal information collected by Hotel Crescendo Seoul
 Required items: Customer information (customer name, phone number, e-mail)
Optional items: content

3. Retention and use period of Hotel Crescendo Seoul personal information
 In principle, when the purpose of collection and provision of personal information is achieved, it is destroyed.
However, exceptions are made when there is a need to preserve it in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Commercial Act.
Records that need to be preserved as evidence in litigation or dispute: 5 years
Records on handling consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

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